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How to watch and download from Icefilms....

Here the link to the site...

Click the movie category at the top...

Click any movie. It will ask if you to download the Divx webplayer. Do it. Or you can download it here at this link....

Then click the download link i have highlighted in the image below...

After installing you will have to restart your browser.

After restarting go back to and click movies then click any movie to test it out. I picked Wolfbayne(2009). Here is a screenshot of what it should look like. ...

Try and stick to the 2shared format.

After you click it you have the option of streaming it or downloading it.

The other option is mega up. I do not recommend it. Its a headache but just follow their directions..If you can handle the frustration of it.

Leave a comment and Ill see if I can help.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

weird dry dream

The dream had me by myself to begin with. Laying on a couch. Company arrives. A guy and two ladies. One of the ladies was with the dude. The other one sat close to me. I new her from high school. I had partial lucidity so I sat up and started cuddling her and held her in my lap. She was smiling and I could feel her love. Pretty soon the background chatter turned to a low mumble. It was me and her now as our guests got the hint and left. We then made off to the bed room. Things got heavy but no clothes were removed.

Then for some reason I got to view myself in third person. We were in a dark room and I got up on a very small stage. I was wearing a big black cloak with the image of a full moon on the front. The stage was dark but the moon was bright. I slowly turned around and the moon vanished. As I came turned around 360 the image on the front of my cloak was that of a fire god. The woman then coaxed me of the stage and I woke up.

Monday, October 12, 2009

understanding potencial bliss and free energy.

I have been thinking about where we used to be. Ive been hearing that a dinosaurs skeletal structure could not function in our current system of laws which are governed by dynamic understanding of theoretical physics. They would need to exist in three ways I can think of...

-less gravity

-more sun stars in proximity.

-or both

This 3 is a tri-theory. It is my abstract language.

I think that saturn and jupiter are torches snuffed out by solar sand storms. I see visions of immense solar dust storms that are dense enough to extinguish and destroy life.

I believe that the moon is an 'artificial' structure, or a massive coincidence. Essentially the moon acted as a shield from the solar sand storm or, as a canopy if you will. One thing luna could not protect us from was the brief snuffing out of our sun. This storm happened just fast enough to completely extinguish saturn and jupiter; but our sun had enough juice to reactivate its core. In other words, our sun loves us. This storm happens every once and a while. Causing our ice ages and resetting our civilizations.

What now?

NOW we are starting to understand that DNA has DNA called RNA which are responsible for many mutations pertaining to anything from cancer to brain structure. And most interesting is the new theories that may link our very essence to structured preexisting knowledge retention. Or as my bible readers out there may refer to as *new scrolls*.

It seems that these new scrolls could lead us in learning how to shut certain mutations off. And activate particular ones. This would be the atomic mind bomb that you may have heard about. And the active players in this game $$$ have their projects juxtaposed across our viewing windows.
In full sight.
The fusion of particles.
The fusion of electrons.
The direct manipulation of atomic structure.
Lead into gold.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A visit from old mental friends.

Some recommended tune age.

I'm sitting here listening to Soundlessdawn's Spontaneous DNA, The Rapture, and The Rise to Fourth Density.I trying to think about how I can jump into this. 2001 was a very special year for me. I do feel like something happened. 911? Maybe...All signs point there. All I really know is that I was there. And shit was weird as hell at the time. It all started between 1999 lasted up to a moment in 2001 where I began having the "visions". In 1999 my artwork really took off. People liked it. Some were creeped out by it and my uncle got goosebumps when I showed him a drawing called "death parade", which I threw out. A series of experiences culminated to what I can only describe as a "sketchy, hyper, paranoid vision quest".

To save a bunch of bad noise I'll sum up my point with an new TED video that I'm still in awe of.

Water destiny

-We are closer to the water than evolution can explain.
-The forbidden tree was above the water.
-We lost a large portion of our life span when we became upright "fulltime" oxygen breathers.

Here is a video for the anyone who can feel what I'm saying...

I have large amount of proof to back the claim. If my first hunch is correct then the current human condition is evidence of reverse evolution. Back to our better selves. We were there in shambala. Then we got greedy and came out of the water womb that is all our mother. Mom Earth gave birth to us. And we strayed to far from her. She is Eden. And those Angels with the spinning swords are a metaphor for our adaptation. What genetic research is planning to prove soon is what exactly took place in our evolution. I believe that we will learn the benefits of living under water once again.

We will adapt and return knowing that Eden was in front of our eyes....
Paradise is on the horizon...
for all who are ready to give up and start fresh...
Basically die and be reborn....

Close your eyes and imagine the ease and grace of life under water. The potential painlessness, decreased wear and tear of the joints, and many other benefits. The most important one is the amount of oxygen we take in now; versus when we were submerged with gills and such.

Perhaps there is some hidden meaning to the appendix.
Perhaps it has DNA ready and waiting to activate our gills.


Friday, July 24, 2009

My sonny Jim walking. For Mom and Dad.

I posted this here for my Mom and Dad to view. Hopefully....

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Day hides the night.
The nights a parade.
They ride the gravitational solar wave.
We toil,boil, and limp below to entertain them.
They mock-talk till we fall in grave.
They might be waiting for us too.
Are we waiting to realize that we are them?
Or are they waiting to realize they are us?

The blue sky is a Vail. A canopy if you will. Now imagine if we lost a seasonal second sun. Lets just say that at certain times of the year we would receive a boost in temperature by a visit from another sun. Perhaps a wave of sand came through our solar system giving us silicates and in turn, snuffing out our secondary sun. Lets say that the desserts on earth were not a natural process of erosion. I noticed an elevation fluctuation while viewing the three pyramids on google earth. I don't know for a fact but it seems the elevation of that continent is a clue as to what might have happened on that fateful time when our solar system was struck with the sand wave. Perhaps this is what killed the Dinosaurs. Perhaps the massive silicate ball was the cause of our evolution. I think that all this points to us finding them; rather than relying on them finding us. So how does this effect you? Well, I can tell you tonight I say another UFO...actually 2 of them. Ive seen the light before, but this time it had a follower. I noticed the geometry of the lights on the craft had square dimensions of refracting light. I mean to say that the lights had a deliberate purpose. The craft got to a point in the sky where its lighted shifted as if changing viewing angles. Neither of the crafts made noise. They could have been new low orbiting satellites or maybe space craft. Its irrelevant either way though. Cause regardless of truth, I know something is brewing. Its completely obvious that it is brewing. It changes when you sincerely begin to notice a pattern to everything. When you learn to respect other peoples patterns. When you borrow elements of that pattern.

Patterns save lives and end them.

The alien consciousness is silicon...sand...whatever. We create a piece of them when ever we create technology. But did we learn the craft ourselves? Did someone show us the initial steps then fuck off for a few years to check our progress?

Reading some archived Violator helped shed some more light on the patterns I haphazardly research. Here's a quote from Thoth and the Octagon...

"Thoth created himself through the power of language. He is the creator of magic, the inventor of writing, teacher of man, the messenger of the gods (and thus identified by the Greeks with Hermes) and the divine record-keeper and mediator."

We helped create Thoth. We are his puppets in a way. We are his slaves. We will always be slaves to Thoth until we realize that his is just another puzzle maker. We are so intrigued with facts and information. With rubbish and generations. With traditions and cultures. It all pretty flashy and fun at first, but when do we feed everyone? when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?when do we feed everyone?

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Plead the Fifth

Ode to Dizzle Bizzle...

Your welcome brother

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Bloody snake!

Things are getting scary up here in Canada. Ive been unemployed goin' on 4 months now. I was thinking about my dream job. About how I'd love to work from home. But until then...welcome to the machine.

I drew this for My good friend Cole. He has had a couple people work with his ideas. This is my rendering.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

I had a dream...

Well if a dream is all you got homeboy you gotta turn that dream into the real Mckoy....

Lately I've been dropping comments on random blogs in regards to my new conspiracy theory. Grounded almost entirely by my intuition and dreams. No evidence. No thank you? Well what follows is a rant about my most important dream and its interpretation...

A few years ago between 2001 and 2003 I had the most intense dream I have ever had. That is... the most intense dream I can remember. It was my second dream vision.

What separates dreams from visions? Good QUESTion....

Like the Oracle said, "Its like being in love"

My first dream vision was when I was 12. I still don't fully understand it. It involved flying sideways, my eyes were glowing red, there was a full moon in the sky, and a wolf standing still outside my window with the glow of the moon in its fur. There was also a train on the tracks at a stand still in the background. But that's not what I'm gonna type about.

I gonna talk about this second vision that happened a few years later.

The ambiance

My partner and I had settled into our third apartment. It was a prime location. Bottom floor of the apartment building. Garbage dumpster right outside our door....Big cement floored patio. It was perfect. At the time I was on a creative high and I started to draw again...The first time in a while. It was a natural high in life I get from time to time where I feel good and people know it. We had company constantly coming and going because of its central location and positive atmosphere. Yes we enjoyed the company and yes we liked to drink and smoke. Consumption, art, and good times.

The onset

One night I was feeling pretty tired so I crashed relatively early. As I drifted off I caught myself in between dreaming and being awake. The most extraordinary thing happened.. I was granted lucidity in this state between both worlds. I chose to be completely still with slow breathes. And I watched the most peculiar self manifested video play on the back of my eye lids. I have to try and illustrate it.

The sequence of imagery was like a comic book. In each frame there was a few frames animated. Lets say there was 4 frames and each frame was 10 seconds of footage. The imagery was simple. A woman lowering into a pool of water. She lowered until the water covered he mouth and then nose. With her eyes above the water she looked downward as if she was shy about my observing. At this point I begin to get freaked out and my heart rate started to palpatate forcing me to wake up. It kinda felt like unplugging. I had this weird swirling sensation in my brain. Half way between being drunk and vertigo.

I sat up grabbed some water and tried to explain what I went through. After some bad noise I went back to bed .

The gusto!

As I lay in bed I think about the earlier event. On the tip of my tongue rested this ability. I was wondering if I would ever experience 'that' again. Then I got depressed thinking that was it. I forgot how to invoke that strange state of being. I went through that loophole of thought until I finally slept. This is where things got really fucking weird...

To start I was outside just after sunset. The terrain surrounding me was that of a small town. Bare ground beneath my feet and no cement. There were people...adults herding into these doors. Like the doors of a theater. But no above ground building structure. It was Like an underground bunker entrance. I went in the doors and noticed the people were wearing robes. Like monks would wear. And...just like a theater I walked in one of the many entry ways to the main theater. When inside I noticed it was designed more like a religious temple cathedral. I found my seat and noticed the very intricate wood carving designs on all of the surfaces. The seating was split into three sections of about a thousand seats. It was drastically steep seating. Meaning it was a slightly exaggerated downhill sloping arena compared to a modern theater. A man came on stage and began to speak.

He used a slide show presentation and began to talk about George W Bush and Osama Bin Laden. I couldn't hear what he said for the most part but I remember the imagery. The frames progressed from Bush to Bin laden to ...the alien frames. Images of the creatures had me in panic mode. I got up and left the facility. I ended up at the entrance of a really nice house. I don't remember the outside appearance but I do remember entering the house. Inside the house the first thing I notice is a old fashioned spiraling staircase. That seems to be the only focus I remember. So I climb the stairs to the second floor. While climbing I notice again that the architecture is a really old wooden intricate design. I approach the landing of the second floor which is an open concept setup. Meaning no walls. Its an office. With a desk. On this desk is a computer monitor and random paperwork and magazines. At this point I feel I am trespassing in this house. But I decide to snoop some more. I pick up one of the magazines and notice a alien on the cover. I flip open the pages and realize its an alien porno mag! My hairs stand up and I begin to look on the computer for more. I see the full integration of the alien in our world. On the internet I find movies of these creatures. They are flesh colored and hairless. They have long limbs. The shoulder to the elbow and elbow to the wrist are the same length. From the pelvis to the knee and knee to the ankle the same. They have big peering eyes and Something tells me that they are far more emotionally intense than us. This is when I wake up....balling like a little child. My partner wakes up and holds me. She tells me its okay and she attempts to rock me. At that point the phrase "weapons of mass destruction" repeats in my head. I ask god why he showed me that. I ask why did he scare me so badly.

I ponder the vision for years. Wondering what it meant. Now I feel I'm starting to understand it. I believe these Weapons of mass destruction are the aliens. I believe the next hoax will be an alien attack. Now I don't know if the aliens and the gov are gonna plan it. Or if it will be 100% man made. The economy is collapsing and what better way to stimulate the economy that to introduce a unifying enemy. One world against one external enemy.

The point...

In this age of instant information I think That 'they' need to find an enemy external from our lines of information. So its gonna have to be Stars Wars. I can picture it now. Satellites start to disappear. Rockets going to space begin to disappear. Then terror attacks by UFOS! Big Daddy will save us. What do you need us to do? Give up more freedoms and help wage the war.

Unless engaged I'm gonna keep quite about this. For now....
I can't ignore my impulses sometimes...
Back to the great work. No ego intended....

Peace brothers and sisters!

Found this RIGHT after posting...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Old banner

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hoagy's reading Jakes blog!! 'Kidd'ing

Some new HoaglAND! I think he's been blogging about. A more spiritual side is coming through. Please take note that Hoagland could expand his venue and rake full profit from his work. But he is humble and fully submerged in his work. Thus we get a glimpse from time to time of what he's morphing into. I still remain skeptical but neutral to criticizing him(on the fence)

Click the picture for a 20 minute interview.

Monday, March 23, 2009

No pictures

I saw, for the first time with my lady.... a UFO. I thought I'd seen them before. Not like this.

It all started when my Shanna woman went out for a smoke. She came inside to ask me to confirm the moment of a star. I could not fixate on what she was trying to show me.

"Don't you see it? Its moving up and down. In alignment and out?"

I did not see it. I couldn't fixate on the position. Then left of where I was looking a bright light caught my eye.

"Ive seen this before. Its just a satellite." I say to myself...

As it moved it appeared to be zig zagging. It got really bright. Brighter than any star in the sky. At this point I still thought it was a satellite. Then it began to dim and its lights went off. Not a Jet. It was traveling faster than anything Ive ever seen that wasn't a comet.

We`re already over it. I sit here as shes talks to her sister. Life goes on. I can`t comprehend our ignorance. I drink some more red wine.

Earlier we were driving home from a out of routine grocery run. I said to her...

"Something is gonna happen. I know its not negative. its just gonna be weird."

Thats all I could muster. Its gonna be weird....

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Double pentagram from 2000

I drew this back in 2000 when first discovering my interest in alchemy. Bad ass I know. I added all kinds of shit I knew nothing about to make it look good...poser...

Heres some of the hidden stuff...

heres the original image by H R Giger called 'victory V' I couldn't find a bigger version ...

so I posted victory VIII to fill in the lack there of...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heres some more old pictures...the dARKer days..That led me here ...

This is me submerged in my obsession at the time. Mario brothers 2 started my 'portal' visions

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moon Robot investigation. Dark Mission observation

Ive been reading Dark Mission by Mike Bara and R C Hoagland. This book is what spawned the post. I find Ive learned to delve into the realm of conspiracy with more skepticism and willingness to read and move on. I feel it necessary to move on when the search starts to repeat itself.

Here are some images I found on the internet in relation to the Robot head on the moon. I have layed out markers for comparison. I'm not debunking I'm just sharing new observations. No offense intended.

A further investigation of this info led me to some interesting dialogue...

"Below and to the right, an arrow drawn with a felt-tipped pen and labeled 'Last Bst Pos Prior L/O' leads to a dark spot at J.5/7.7, which is the estimated location Ron Evans gave Mike at 123:55:23, about a half hour before LM lift off. This location is only about 230 meters from the actual landing site at J.65/7.52. Farther down the map, Mike circled craters at E.3/7.6 and E.8/7.7 and to the left of the E.3/7.6 crater wrote 'SW Rim'. These two craters are in the area he examined during the pass over the landing site at 110:33:40 using the sextant in automatic mode and a set of coordinates Bruce McCandless gave him at 110:18:39. Mike reported the negative results at 110:36:58 but mentioned a "suspiciously-small, white object" on the southwest rim of the E.3/7.6 crater.

Finally, there is a small, blue dot at about K.2/5.6, which may not have been purposefully drawn."

I really don't know what to make of this...

Then I find this. A scale jigg.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

whats next?

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