Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moon Robot investigation. Dark Mission observation

Ive been reading Dark Mission by Mike Bara and R C Hoagland. This book is what spawned the post. I find Ive learned to delve into the realm of conspiracy with more skepticism and willingness to read and move on. I feel it necessary to move on when the search starts to repeat itself.

Here are some images I found on the internet in relation to the Robot head on the moon. I have layed out markers for comparison. I'm not debunking I'm just sharing new observations. No offense intended.

A further investigation of this info led me to some interesting dialogue...

"Below and to the right, an arrow drawn with a felt-tipped pen and labeled 'Last Bst Pos Prior L/O' leads to a dark spot at J.5/7.7, which is the estimated location Ron Evans gave Mike at 123:55:23, about a half hour before LM lift off. This location is only about 230 meters from the actual landing site at J.65/7.52. Farther down the map, Mike circled craters at E.3/7.6 and E.8/7.7 and to the left of the E.3/7.6 crater wrote 'SW Rim'. These two craters are in the area he examined during the pass over the landing site at 110:33:40 using the sextant in automatic mode and a set of coordinates Bruce McCandless gave him at 110:18:39. Mike reported the negative results at 110:36:58 but mentioned a "suspiciously-small, white object" on the southwest rim of the E.3/7.6 crater.

Finally, there is a small, blue dot at about K.2/5.6, which may not have been purposefully drawn."

I really don't know what to make of this...

Then I find this. A scale jigg.


expat said...

The comparison images shown alongside Hoagland's "Data's Head" images from Apollo 17 do not appear to be of the same area, and so do not provide a legit comparison.

A more meticulous comparison, working from the NASA archive negative and proving Hoagland's images to be fraudulent, is here.

Jon Kidd said...

Thanks for the context. I just hope to show more examples of heads. I think Hoagland has enough evidence without having to push further inconclusive evidence. It must be hard for him to survive considering people want 'NEW' material on these topics. If it ain't there you shouldn't fabricate it.


R Arrowsmith said...

Wasn't even aware of this Robot Head/Moon thing going on. Looks like I'm behind the times!
The red mark on the robot mouth made me instantly think of the Joker. Jack Nicholson played the Joker, and he starred in Wolf, a movie which has the Moon on the poster, and obviously revolves around the Moon. When you look at the Jokers card in Dark Knight you see a depiction of the Joker stabbing a severed head. Moons, Jokers, and chopped heads - what's up with that!?
Even if it has been debunked it still seems to resonate with the Batman, whose Bat symbol in the night sky also looks like the Moon. Why so Sirius?
I was a fan of Hoaglands a few years back, and I'll be mentioning one of his articles on my blog soon in relation to the Dog Star - glad you brought this to my attention and thanks for the food for thought!

expat said...

>>The red mark on the robot mouth...<<

There is no red mark. It's a complete fabrication, that's the point.

Jon Kidd said...

I'm sorry Expat.

My friend R Arrowsmith and I are involved in a research group who find meaningful context in mundane experiences. The fact that the 'red' shows up is not subject to 'right' and 'wrong'. It is there and we make connections through an art form called Synchromysticism. That being another branch off the term synchronicity.

Synchromysticism is mostly symbol specific.

If you feel so inclined to check out this term I must worn you there is allot of 'inside' terminology that might seem confusing but...Jake is trying to make it easy for people to understand. Also there is a whole series of videos delving into the realm of coincidence. Coincidence investigation without paranoia.

The grandfather of the term Synchromysticism Jake Kotzes website...

My website relative to the subject...

And R Arrowsmith's website

Thanks for the insight on Hoagland. I will remain skeptical of his work.

Are you interested in anything specific that hes has done? I mean do you think he is a COMPLETE shill?

R Arrowsmith said...

Hi Expat. I was aware that the red mark wasn't 'robot lipstick' applied by Moon martians.

Like Jon has pointed out, the fact that it exists gives us a context from which try and understand the significance. Even if it was fabricated, and I'd have to agree with you Expat because I'm not buying the photo either, we can still learn something from it. Nothing is meaningless when viewed through the Lense of Synchronicity.

It sounds weird, and it is weird, until you've interacted with it one on one. That's when you 'get it'. I get the feeling that you're a logical rational grounded kind of person and this may be a little too 'out-there', but if you give it a chance, read up about it (Jons work is a great place to start) then I believe you'll get something out of it....more than you expected. Even old dogs can learn new tricks.
Hope you give it a chance before dismissing it completely.

Sphinx said...

@ expat

check this out:

Nice job Jon Kidd!

Jon Kidd said...

Thanks Sphinx. I was wondering where I could find your rebuttal. Thanks for the link.

More sightings up here in Alberta lately.

I think we close to getting the truth. This year is my prediction.

expat said...

The second edition of "Dark Mission" is out, and none of the factual errors in the first edition have been corrected. Shame on the publisher.

Even worse, only a few of the official list of errata have been corrected. Even more shame.

A detailed critique is here.

Jon Kidd said...

Hi Expat. Things are getting really weird with Mr Hoagland. I can't even make it through dark mission. Ive read maybe a chapter. Its a little dry. But hey, so is the bible.

Good to see you trudging away.

Be well man