Monday, October 12, 2009

understanding potencial bliss and free energy.

I have been thinking about where we used to be. Ive been hearing that a dinosaurs skeletal structure could not function in our current system of laws which are governed by dynamic understanding of theoretical physics. They would need to exist in three ways I can think of...

-less gravity

-more sun stars in proximity.

-or both

This 3 is a tri-theory. It is my abstract language.

I think that saturn and jupiter are torches snuffed out by solar sand storms. I see visions of immense solar dust storms that are dense enough to extinguish and destroy life.

I believe that the moon is an 'artificial' structure, or a massive coincidence. Essentially the moon acted as a shield from the solar sand storm or, as a canopy if you will. One thing luna could not protect us from was the brief snuffing out of our sun. This storm happened just fast enough to completely extinguish saturn and jupiter; but our sun had enough juice to reactivate its core. In other words, our sun loves us. This storm happens every once and a while. Causing our ice ages and resetting our civilizations.

What now?

NOW we are starting to understand that DNA has DNA called RNA which are responsible for many mutations pertaining to anything from cancer to brain structure. And most interesting is the new theories that may link our very essence to structured preexisting knowledge retention. Or as my bible readers out there may refer to as *new scrolls*.

It seems that these new scrolls could lead us in learning how to shut certain mutations off. And activate particular ones. This would be the atomic mind bomb that you may have heard about. And the active players in this game $$$ have their projects juxtaposed across our viewing windows.
In full sight.
The fusion of particles.
The fusion of electrons.
The direct manipulation of atomic structure.
Lead into gold.


Anonymous said...

Heavy thoughts my friend... I wonder as well just what this new paradigm will bring in the near future, and the fact that almost every mainstream meme is keeping people always thinking of fear and/or destruction. People following these memes on a constant basis can create the destruction they keep mentally going over in their heads, even if they didn't 'want' too....
As for the Sun and Jupiter, have you checked out that Nassim Haramein 8 hour lecture on Google Vid? This dude's proposition on what the Sun actually is (along with everything else he proposes) is absolutely frickin cool...

Be well my friend...;)

Jon Kidd said...

I just started listing to Nassim. Ive only heard his coast to coast stuff on theduderinok's youtube channel.

Will check out more on him. Hes quite brilliant and positive.

I was thinking that this 'mechanism' works in a pattern of light and dark. Maybe the next phase will be the re ignition of our solar torches. Life would thrive with more light. And cold planets such as pluto would obviously benefit from jupiter being ignited. With three suns I think the whole solar system would thrive.

This is what I would want. Plus gravity might even be different under these conditions.

Thanks for the input.

Be well brother