Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moon Robot investigation. Dark Mission observation

Ive been reading Dark Mission by Mike Bara and R C Hoagland. This book is what spawned the post. I find Ive learned to delve into the realm of conspiracy with more skepticism and willingness to read and move on. I feel it necessary to move on when the search starts to repeat itself.

Here are some images I found on the internet in relation to the Robot head on the moon. I have layed out markers for comparison. I'm not debunking I'm just sharing new observations. No offense intended.

A further investigation of this info led me to some interesting dialogue...

"Below and to the right, an arrow drawn with a felt-tipped pen and labeled 'Last Bst Pos Prior L/O' leads to a dark spot at J.5/7.7, which is the estimated location Ron Evans gave Mike at 123:55:23, about a half hour before LM lift off. This location is only about 230 meters from the actual landing site at J.65/7.52. Farther down the map, Mike circled craters at E.3/7.6 and E.8/7.7 and to the left of the E.3/7.6 crater wrote 'SW Rim'. These two craters are in the area he examined during the pass over the landing site at 110:33:40 using the sextant in automatic mode and a set of coordinates Bruce McCandless gave him at 110:18:39. Mike reported the negative results at 110:36:58 but mentioned a "suspiciously-small, white object" on the southwest rim of the E.3/7.6 crater.

Finally, there is a small, blue dot at about K.2/5.6, which may not have been purposefully drawn."

I really don't know what to make of this...

Then I find this. A scale jigg.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

whats next?

Thursday, February 19, 2009